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At HFH Inc., we are passionate about crafting timeless timber frame structures and barns that seamlessly blend rustic charm with modern functionality. In our Timber Frame Structures and Barns Gallery, you will discover the beauty and craftsmanship that go into each project we undertake.

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Timber frame construction is an art form that has stood the test of time.

We specialize in designing and building a wide range of timber frame structures and barns, each tailored to the unique needs and preferences of our clients.

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Timber frame homes

Our timber frame homes embody the perfect combination of rustic charm and modern living. With exposed timber beams, open floor plans, and intricate joinery, these homes create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Witness the natural beauty of timber showcased in stunning architectural designs that seamlessly integrate with the surrounding landscape. Experience the comfort, durability, and energy efficiency that timber frame construction offers.

Barns and outbuildings

Our portfolio includes a variety of timber frame barns and outbuildings, each designed to meet the specific needs of farmers, equestrian enthusiasts, and rural property owners. From classic barns and stables to workshops and storage sheds, our structures are built to withstand the test of time while providing functional spaces for various purposes. Explore the versatility and beauty of timber frame construction in our barn and outbuilding projects.

Event spaces and pavilions

Timber frame structures are not only functional but also make stunning event spaces and pavilions. Whether you are hosting a wedding, corporate event, or family gathering, our timber frame event spaces provide a breathtaking setting that will leave a lasting impression. Experience the grandeur and elegance of these structures that combine natural beauty with the flexibility to accommodate various events and celebrations.

Commercial timber structures

Timber frame construction extends beyond residential and agricultural projects. Our gallery showcases the versatility of timber frames in commercial applications. From restaurants and retail spaces to community centers and lodges, our commercial timber structures offer a unique aesthetic that sets businesses apart. Witness the warmth, character, and craftsmanship that timber frame construction brings to these commercial projects.

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